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You Can Do That In The Bahamas?

From snorkeling a Blue Hole and cruising on a JetBoat, to piloting a submarine and swimming with pigs, there is something for every water sports enthusiast here.

When it comes to water sports, you can’t beat The Bahamas. Whether it’s scuba diving, surfing, or snorkeling, kiteboarding, kayaking, or parasailing, this coral archipelago of 700 islands offers on-the-water excitement for every level of adventurer. And that doesn’t even include some of the best fishing, boating, and sailing in the world.

But what about those exotic activities that you won’t find on any old vacation beach, Caribbean or elsewhere? What does The Bahamas offer to thrill-seekers in search of something different? The answer is plenty, starting with these five off-the-radar adventures.

Pilot Your Own Submarine



If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with tropical fish, exploring a coral reef, or poking around an abandoned shipwreck, but aren’t certified to scuba dive, piloting a SUB (Scenic Underwater Bubble) is your next best option. Essentially a one-person submersible scooter with giant pressurized dive helmet, these seahorse-shaped mini-subs travel two knots and dive to depths of 15-feet, plenty deep enough to gaze the colorful coral and exotic fish up close – no expensive training required.


Sure, swimming with the pigs may be the most popular item atop everybody’s Bahamas’ bucket list these days, but for good reason: It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Pig Beach is located on the uninhabited island (uninhabited by humans, that is) of Big Major Cay in the Exumas, about 82 miles south of Nassau. Which means that swimming with these friendly swine is a simple day trip by boat – just remember to bring food, because that’s what they really want from you. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your adventure.

PB swim with pigs photo credit Jakob Owens


Considering The Bahamas was the backdrop for four James Bond films, it should come as no surprise that thrill-seekers visiting the islands can strap on a 007-style jetpack and rocket over the ocean.


With only 15-minutes of training, Nassau-based JetLink Adventures lets you rent the Jetpack R200X, a hydro-powered flight system that can propel a person 30 feet in the air. Or, if surfing the sky is more your style, you can also strap your feet into a flyboard, essentially a jet-powered snowboard, and hover across the bay. 

Snorkel Into The Abyss

There is no shortage of gorgeous reefs around the world for divers and snorkelers to survey in fact, The Bahamas has plenty of them. But when it comes to slipping on a mask and snorkel and exploring exotic underwater caves, well, The Bahamas is unmatched.

Blue Holes are large circular marine caverns or sinkholes that were formed during the ice age and can stretch as deep as 350 feet. And while diving them requires extensive experience, observing mesmerizing schools of exotic fish and fringe reefs from the water’s surface does not.

A few top spots you’ll want to hit include Sapphire Blue Hole, Ocean Hole, Gully Hole, Hoffman’s Cay Blue Hole, Abaco Blue Hole, and The Bahamas most famous: Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island.


Take A Wild Ride on a JetBoat

Combining wild amusement park ride with relaxed, explore-the-islands scenic boat tour, JetBoat is billed as “an adrenaline-pumping, high-speed water ride with thrills and 360-degree spins.”


Boats hold up to 24 passengers, can hit speeds of 60mph, and leave from several locations around Nassau. Just remember to dress to get wet – and to hold on tight.

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